The very inmportnat days of Kadakkal Devi Temple is Thiruvathira Nakshathram(star) of Malayalam Month Kumbha. This day celebrating as the holy birth day of the mother goddess "Kadakkalamma". The Important events are listed on the table below:
  Kadakkal Thiruvathira  

Thiruvathira' day in 'Kumbham (According to Malayalam Calendar) celebrates as the holy birthday of Kadakkal Devi. Kadakkal Thiruvathira attracts a large number of devotees from far and near. People celebrate it as the festival of Kadakkal. Every year Thiruvathira come in February- March month.

During Festival thousands of devotees come to Kadakkal to worship Devi. The Festival Start with "Kuthirayeduppu' which is a grand procession followed by 'Kuthiyottam' and various forms of pageants.


The first day of Thiruvathira, Thousands of Ladies Offer Pongal to Devi at the Temple Ground. Pongal starts early morning (around 5.30) on Makayiram (The day before Thiruvathira). Devotees from all over the state come for this particular Pongal Festival.Devotees from other districts come and stay nearby Kadakkal to offer Pongal at Early morning. Most of the people stay with relatives or friends. Affordable lodging and accommodation available near by Kadakkal Temple. 

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  Thiru Mudi Ezhunnellathu  

This peculiar event happens once in a 12 year. This is a grand procession from Kadakkal Temple to Arakkal Temple (Anchal) carrying holy circlet of Kadakkal Devi (Thirumudi). It is believed that the sister of Kadakkal Devi situated in Arakkal Temple.

The last Grand Procession happened in 2002. The next Procession will be in 2014.

View the picture gallery of this Spectacular Event. Thirumudi Ezhunnallathu 2002


The ten day "Thiruvathira" festival ends with 'Guruzi'. This is a spiritual ritual performed in the last day of Thiruvathira festival. Guruzi starts at midnight and continues till early morning. There will be number of pageants followed by the holy circlet procession (Thirumudi Ezhunnallippu).

Thousands of devotees gather in the temple on this day to witness this spectacle which they believe the realization and manifestation of devotion to Kadakkal Devi (Kadakalamma).



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